I just wanted to say a big thank you, again! 


Looking back over this year I have done so much with the confidence/anxiety, smoking, drinking, stopped biting my nails and now expecting a baby. I think it's safe to say I'm feeling a little proud finally! But I couldn't have got to where I am now without your help. I really do appreciate all the help and effort you have put in to get me here. My life has completely changed and it's all for the good. I'm finally heading to where I want to be.

Catherine - Hatfield

Just a note to say thank you for sorting me out last week. It really did make such a difference to me and when I went into hospital on Sunday I was rested and in a good, positive place. Unfortunately it all got a bit rough on Sunday eve/Monday morning which is often the case with induction - but I did use my timeline visualisations to get me through, knowing it wouldn't last. Our baby girl T was eventually born on Monday evening and she is absolutely perfect - we are both completely smitten.

You might not be aware, but you've really helped us get to this point. I don't think we'd have done it at all if I hadn't met you and I would still be procrastinating and worrying about what may be... instead of living and finding out : ))

Claire M - London 


I came to MindPro at a critical point in my life and where I faced a cross road of major decision-making. Not knowing what to do or how to go about making the right choices, I felt very unprepared, anxious and unconfident with going through this process by myself as my own previous ability to make any clear decisions was based on many years of negative thinking. Through Hypnotherapy, Harvey has helped me change my behaviour. The changes I have made, have had the most incredible positive impact on the way I now think, feel and make decisions. I found my experience with Harvey to be astounding given that I was initially quite unsure of the idea of Hypnotherapy. I feel that in the time I have spent working with Harvey, that he has helped give me solid and new ways of dealing with things that feel hard in life and have, without doubt, noticed a change in my confidence for the better. I hope that I never loose feeling so amazed at just how good I currently feel about my life. Harvey, as a Life Coach, is very perceptive, personable and kind and I felt very comfortable with him in his practice. I know that as time goes on, and, as I develop from the choices that Harvey has helped me make, that I will continue with him as and when I need to in order keep myself on this new path I am on

Vicky - London


Harvey is amazing. He has the knack of pinpointing exactly what the root cause of the problem is even if you don’t know it yourself. More than once I found myself saying ‘how did you know that’!! He creates a very relaxed and calm atmosphere and puts you at ease straight away. I felt much better after just the first session and have been able to rationalise my thinking and take positive steps to improve my life - which I continue to do Harvey has also been able to help my husband who was very apprehensive before the first appointment but enjoyed the session and felt it helped so much that he has booked to go again. Thank you Harvey.

G - Bishops Stortford 







I went to MindPro because I felt I was stuck in a very negative cycle that I couldn’t see a way out of. Harvey made me feel comfortable and explained everything we would do and what I could expect. After just my first session I felt differently and by the end of my course I felt positive, confident and ready to take on the world! Thank you Harvey!!

Charlotte, kentish town


Hypnosis is such a powerful intervention and Harvey helped me feel totally at ease in his company and I felt so relaxed under hypnosis under his guidance. He has a very hypnotic and confident voice and he utilised the techniques so thoroughly and effectively such that after the session, I was noticing a positive difference in my day-to-day life and approaching things with much more confidence and clarity than before....I highly recommend Harvey!"
D, London







Since working with my MindPro to overcome some habits that were inhibiting my ability to perform to my best ability, I have gone from strength to strength in my business and I have seen successes I never expected before. For eliminating barriers Harvey is my first and only choice.

Dean, Doncaster


Harvey is amazing!! There was very clear communication before we began about what I could expect from the sessions - - what he delivered has exceded all of my hopes!! I have recommended him to my friends and they are all now recommending him to their friends! I really appreciated that this wasn’t "therapy" that went on for years - - - the results were realised in just a few sessions!

Gillian, Sawbridgeworth


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