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The sports application of MindPro™ techniques really is what sets us apart from the field.  Interestingly MindPro™ is still the most innovative company dealing in techniques of the mind for golfers of all skill levels and abilities.  Not only are we known for our fast interventions and change of focus, we also give long lasting training. This ensures that everyone using our system can continue to benefit and grow on their own for years to come.  We know that having the skill and ability to play excellent golf can come second to the mind set of playing golf.  Distractions are foremost in the sport even with all the protocols and etiquette that golf comes with there’s always going to be distractions, people talking, moving or just that negative talk that your playing partners manage to come out with just as you approach the next tee “hey this hole is really difficult, you really don’t want to hit the ball in the bunker”! These are distractions that can leave you in a negative approach to the next action you take.
The good news is these distractions can be eliminated and even better we can use them to our advantage.  Aside from those nagging factors we also have to deal with our inner thought processes the ones that cast doubt onto every shot we make the process of becoming to “conscious” about our play. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just trust yourself and focus on the outcome you wish to achieve?  Of course it would, but hang on!! Do you actually know what you want to achieve and how to focus on it?

Let’s think about it! what’s so different about golf to most other ball sports? Well one thing is for sure is that the ball isn’t moving before you hit it!  How hard could it be to just hit a ball off the tee just sitting there, going nowhere!  This is the thing that’s actually what makes this so much harder to even manage the basics of golf!  You have thinking time, you are in a position to begin to explore your options and this is often where it goes wrong of course,  the act of striking the ball becomes to “conscious” we over analyze and so very often focus on the wrong things before we take that all important shot….. What do I look like?  I topped my last shot like this, I must not repeat that, I must keep my arm straight, I must hit this shot as far as I can, I don’t want to mess this up! I could list pages and pages of negative invasive thoughts and processes that we can focus on but I think we get the idea! Now at the end of this long process of negative thoughts we take our swing and hope for the best, now of course you know that we get what we focus on don’t you?  So the results of all that negative thinking will be displayed for all to see in the shot you just took.  “I don’t want to hit this ball in the bunker”  if that is your last command going through your mind then guess what!!! You have to think about hitting the ball in the bunker in order to try not to think about hitting the ball in the bunker so that is your focus, your last visualisation!

So we know the ball doesn’t move and we have plenty of thinking time to send the wrong instructions to the unconscious mind. But we also know that if you try to break down the entire process you have to do to make a perfect shot you will have too much to consciously focus on. You need to trust your unconscious mind, to be able to go into auto pilot having decided on the positive outcomes of the up coming shot.  Imagine trying to break down everything consciously in the technique you have.  Address the ball, bend your knees, keep your head over the ball, bring the club back at exactly the right speed keep the arm straight, the club at the correct angle, turn the body, keep eyes over the ball, chin down, start swing increase speed, etc.  It’s all too much to think about so we need to trust that all of this is in place. MindPro™ will show you exactly what to replace this with so that you can focus and remain relaxed creating far more exciting shots easily and effortlessly.

“I don’t want to hit this ball in the bunker”

"How hard could it be to just hit a ball off the tee just sitting there, going nowhere?"

"You need to trust your unconscious mind"

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